Email Challenges

Site Transferred

After several days of activity with much rending of clothes and tearing of a limited supply of hair the transfer to our own dedicated hosting is now complete.  Thanks go to Alan (lots of hair) and Ian (a fond memory of hair) for their dedication to resolving the issues.  For anyone interested we ended up with a duplicate web address (the real one and a space-holder) and a spurious cache file hidden deep in the thickets of WordPress.  Having our own dedicated hosting means we can bring over the archive of Thistles currently still residing at the old ScotlandLX site


These addresses are fully active and have the relevant authentication to allow GMAIL and OUTLOOK to accept emails from us unchallenged.  This was different from being classed as SPAM.  Every so often can you please check your SPAM folder as all email systems have their own personal categorisation of what constitutes SPAM.  Once you have whitelisted our ".org" email addresses they should no longer end up there.


Some of us have been using a personal email address to facilitate the problems.  Can you please start to separate for example the Treasurer in which case use his ".org" address; or you want Jim personally e.g. to play in your team then send it to his own personally named email address.


This is accepted by GMAIL. OUTLOOK, HOTMAIL etc and suited for large scale mailshots to all members about the AGM and to sub-groups (Men, Ladies, M65s for example) about events.