Medical Form for all events

As Thistles represents the Spirit of Masters side of international masters hockey we are complying with Scottish Hockey practice.

  1. All who are involved in a playing event with Thistles regardless of where the event is being held must provide full medical disclosure in a secure but accessible way in case of emergency.
  2. For overseas events you must have medical travel insurance (see below).

POLICY STATEMENT 4:  If you do not submit medical information in advance of the Event then the event coordinator, manager and/or captain are entitled to decline your participation in the Event.

The full policy can be accessed here (PDF format).


Medical information is highly confidential and to ensure it stays that way we are using a Sealed Envelope system.

  1. Download the STMHC Medical Form to your device.  It can then be completed on your device and printed or printed as blank and filled in by hand.
  2. Seal the completed form in an envelope and write your name on the outside.  (Unnamed envelopes could be opened by mistake.)
  3. Bring the sealed envelope to the event and hand it to the team manager (or captain or coordinator or whoever is acting as manager).
  4. The envelope will remain sealed with the team manager except in case of due cause.  In such case the team manager will not willfully access the information but may have to.
  5. Collect the still sealed envelope from the team manager at the end of the event. You can then use the same sealed envelope for the next event.

Note:  We discussed the situation where a member does not have a printer however the need for confidentiality overrides the inconvenience of finding a printer.  If printing cannot be resolved please contact the event coordinator.


The STMHC medical form can be downloaded here (PDF format).

Observations about the form. (Device: means completing electronically on your device.  Hand: means printed blank and completing by hand.)

  1. Box sizes.  Device: font size changes to adapt and red fields are compulsory.  Hand: should you need more space then attach a further page.
  2. Dates.  Device: dates are in the format dd/mm/yyyy e.g. 31/01/2023
  3. Phone numbers.  Please use international format (if UK then example is +44 7789 123 456)

MEDICAL TRAVEL INSURANCE COVER for all overseas events

POLICY STATEMENT 5:  For Events outside of the UK you must have medical insurance cover that explicitly acknowledges that you are playing organised competitive amateur field hockey.

There are compelling reasons why we have adopted this policy.  In brief: you have no automatic right to access emergency medical services in another country.  Secondly you have no automatic right to repatriation under medical supervision.

The medical form has a section for details of this insurance and a box to tick that you have confirmed with the insurance provider that you are covered for organised competitive amateur field hockey.  Off the shelf insurance does not automatically cover this.