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Tilburg, Holland

May 6, 2022 @ 11:30 am - May 8, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

Please note:  There are still a couple of spaces in the o60s team unfilled as yet.  Please email the Secretary if you would like to attend.


A regular quality event for Thistles to which we send an o60s and an o65s (officialy o68s).  Thistles older team are currently the trophy holders having won the last time this was held.  Playing against quality opposition from Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Italy plus our near neighbours who often send two or three teams as part of their full International selection process.

Latest News from ISVT and Tilburg Costs

Again, it is very important to note that the tournament program has changed substantially due changes in competition schedules caused by earlier corona measures and the effect of those to the schedule put together by the Dutch Hockey association (KNHB). Effectively the Sunday afternoon is not available for our tournament. The latest program details are published on the website, but in short, because of this we need to start the matches on Friday, May 6 at 10:30 AM. This results in the following changes in the overall program: 

Thursday May 5 

19:30-21:00 PM Get-together and Registration 

Friday May 6 

08:30 AM Get-together and Registration

10:00 AM Captains and umpire meeting 

10:15 AM Welcome and opening 

10:30 AM – 17.35 PM Matches 

18.00 PM Italian Buffet 


10.00 – 17.30 Matches 

19.00 PM Dinner Dance 


09:30 – 11.30 Matches 

11:30 Finals 


You will find the “House Rules” of the HC TILBURG in our ISVT-program guide, which will be made available during the captains meeting. 

The mail address is: HC Tilburg, Post Box 1176, NL-5004 BD Tilburg (the Netherlands). 

Final decision, Tournament Fee and registration 

On March 22, we will finally decide if the tournament can/will take place as planned and share the decision the same day. (If we can of have to make the decision earlier, we will share this the same day) 

Please note that the dates for transferring the tournament fee are changed and need to take place between March 22nd and April 1st, 2022. 

Team colours. 

Please take note that the team uniform colours, which are shared with us, need to be respected during the tournament. These colours will be indicated on the match schedule. We will hand out water bottles at the captain’s meeting. Please do not refill the bottles in the toilet rooms, but only at the water taps along the pitches and in the changing rooms. 


Match schedule 

A temporary match schedule is now being made and will be published mid-March on our website www.isvt.eu 

During the tournament the results and scores can be accessed using this link https://www.hctevents.nl. and will be published using the screens in the clubhouse. 

Use of coins during the tournament 

We will use standard coins to pay for all consumptions and snacks during the tournament. 

The coins will be available during the tournament. We will accept only credit and debit card. 

Unused coins can be returned and will be credited using credit/debit card. 

Lunch, buffet and diner: 

The registration for the lunch, Italian Buffet, and/or Dinner Dance has to be made between March 22nd and April 1st. Please find attached the Order Form. On the same form your choice for a Vegetarian dinner can be ordered. You are kindly requested to transfer the amount due before April 1st. Paying late might result in the chance that all seats for buffet and/or dinner-dance are taken. We will use the rule first come, first served. 

Food, Drinks and entertainment 

The clubhouse is located in a leafy, green area enabling all visitors and players to look out over the hockey pitches. The lunches, Italian buffet & Dinner dance are prepared with great care and consist of natural products. 

Welcoming RECEPTION: 

On Thursday & Friday we would like to welcome you with a free coffee or tea, with a typical Dutch Tidbit.

For Thistles Players going to Tilburg

I am paying the Auberge Hotel directly therefore will at some point want the remainder put into my account. Those staying there have all paid the deposit. For those staying elsewhere I am assuming you have sorted things out individually.

The tournament fee per head, with Bank costs, will be £30.00. Jim will debit this from your Club account before the middle of March. 

I am anticipating that we will all wish to attend the Dinner Dance with partners if they are in attendance and have indicated such to the organisers. Fifty people I have said. This event will be £40.00 per person and we need to have this sum in by 25th March. I also need to know if people are vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, etc by return.

Hope this is all clear. Just have £70.00 in credit for Tilburg please or remit to the Club account using Tilburg as a reference.

Any questions just ask, but do so before Sunday since I am heading off to Tenerife!




Following the Doodle Poll squads have now been selected and invitation emails sent to the preliminary list of selected players.  We have applied to send two teams in the new o62 age group and one team in the o70s.  Until we have a better idea of how many of those emailed take up their selection we don’t want to announce the split by team as we may have to juggle a little.  This is the preliminary list and if players drop out then others will be invited.

Alan Bain, Paul Bateson, Iain Cameron, Robert Campbell , John Candlin, Scott  Chisholm, Ian Chitty, Graham Conkie, John Connaghan, Nigel Dixon, Paul Docherty, Geoff Duke, Andrew Evitt, George  Finlayson, Martin Fuller, Colin Gallacher, Ross Gallacher, Peter Haines, Chris Heeps, Derek Johnstone, Gareth Kingsley, Peter Klein, Stephen Laux, John Lees, Tim Lorimer, Gordon Loudon, Iain Lynch, Neil Mackenzie, Neil Macrae, Cliff Martin, Gerry McBride, Ian McCreath, Michael McInally, John Michalik, Duncan Mitchell, Alan Murray, Alan Parker, Ian Pett, Ian Roberts, Stuart Robertson, John Smith, Stuart Stephen, John Sudale, Anthony Walker, Neil Ward, Jim Watson, Sandy Weir, Geoff Weston, Colin Wilkie.

(Some have their Sunday names and some are not spelled correctly, please forgive as this was lifted from a working document; your confidential Microsoft Page information will rectify this for the future.)

Should any of you require a further copy of the selection email please contact the Secretary.

Update Tilburg 9.02.22

Ian Pett Captain

Tilburg Travel Enquiry Poll

Click here to go to our website poll of Tilburg travel arrangements


May 6, 2022 @ 11:30 am
May 8, 2022 @ 3:00 pm
Scottish Thistles Masters Hockey Club