Ian’s Test page

Page to play about with WordPress

This is just a useless page to let me muck around with creating a new page. I don’t like serif font for headings but it is ignoring my heading and showing a heading generated from the page title plus Scottish Thistles Masters Hockey Club in the Desktop Preview. In fact, after publishing, I find that it has retained my headings but has treated the page title as the main heading (so I now have two main headings) and used it to create the page URL.

Presumably the theme can be tweaked to change the heading to a sans-serif font – the default Georgia 12pt for text looks OK when editing but it turns into a sans-serif font after publication. The editor is definitely not WYSIWYG.

I’ve just noticed that Ian’s Test Page has been added to the menu along the top – definitely don’t want that. Now I can see that Page Attributes lets me specify a Parent so, as instructed by Alan, I will change it from (no parent) to Home. Unfortunately, that has not removed it from the menu bar.

I can see that I can change the template to produce different styles of page – I’ve no idea what Portfolio is.

First sub section

This is not good – it’s not showing the Heading 2 either, but now I can’t see what I’m entering in the Desktop Preview. Not impressed. It’s OK after publishing.

First sub sub section

Now into level 3. I’m going to stop at this point.