Events Schedule 2023

28th Nov 22 update.  A couple of corrections and Octoberfest added.

It is fairly comprehensive for Mens o60s, o65s and o70s.  If there are further events or corrections or further information on o75s please contact me (sixtiesplus@ our website address) or the Secretary (secretary@ our website address).  Where Ladies are indicated an event has been added with a poll; please access via the Diary.

“Pre-Reg” – The Pre-Registration is not a commitment by you at this stage but a way to guage interest particularly where we can send more than one team.  Adding your name to the Pre-Reg allows the Event Coordinator to be in touch in due course with more information.  To withdraw please add your name again and put “withdrawn” in the comment field.  Note: If you register and are selected by the International Team then well done and International team takes precedence.

“Sixties Plus” (SP) – mens teams: 60s, 65s, 70s, 75s etc, (as opposed to the young whipper-snappers of o35s – o55s).

“Open” – age (unless defined) and ability agnostic.  Usually first come first served.

“Selected” – age relevant and ability relevant to the type of event.

“M60” – for example: mens over 60s.  Each age group will often include underage and overage players.


29 January

(date may change)

LX North Possible


Wigton, Carlisle M65, M70 Occurred last year Pre-Reg at

(Unconfirmed) Wigton M65, M70

17 – 19 March Lille




Lille, France M Blue

M White

One or two teams depending on numbers Pre-Reg at

Lille – Men, open to all SP ages

12 April LX 70 & 75 Confirmed


Wakefield M70, M75 Early season warm up matches vs LX Pre-Reg at

Wakefield, Weds 12 April, Selected, M70 and M75

16 April LX 60 & 65 Confirmed


Wakefield M60, M65 Early season warm up matches vs LX Pre-Reg at

Wakefield, Sun 16 Apr, Selected, M60 and M65

28 – 30 April Celtic Cup Unconfirmed


Paris National Teams only Listed for completeness
28 – 30 April ISVT




Tilburg, Holland M60, M65, M70, Ladies Pre-Reg at

Tilburg ISVT Holland, 28-30 Apr, Men M60 M65 M70

5 – 7 May Not known


Jersey M70 No info
19 – 21 May Four Nations Probable


Swansea M60, possible M65 National teams and SoM teams Pre-Reg at

Four Nations SoM, Swansea, 19-21 May. M60


May Eburons Not this year Belgium Next is in 2024
4 – 6 June LX Not known


Bedford M60, M65 Practice event for European Cup
17 – 18 June LX North Probable




M Blue,

M White

Usually o65s and o70s Pre-reg at

Cockermouth, unconfirmed 17-18 June, Men 65-75 open

23 June – 1 July European Cup Confirmed


Valencia, Spain International and SoM M65, M70, M75 Pre-Reg at

European Cup SoM, Valencia, 23 Jun – 1 Jul, Men M65 M70 M75

16 – 23 July European Cup Confirmed


Valencia, Spain International and SoM M60 and all Ladies Pre-Reg at

European Cup SoM, Valencia, 16-23 July, Men M60

29 – 30 July Dragons Probable


Swansea M Blue

M White

Pre-Reg at

Dragons Swansea, 29-30 July (probable), Men, Open

18 – 20 Aug Thistles Festival Confirmed


Dundee M60, M65, M70, Blue,


Teams available for all Thistles. Pre-Reg at

Dundee Festival, 11-13 Aug, Men, Open

20 – 27 Aug Bra Confirmed


Italy M60, M65, M70, Blue,


Streamed by age or Open depending on numbers Pre-Reg at

Bra Italy, 20-27 Aug, Men, Open

25 – 27 Aug North East Possible


Durham M Blue

M White

Not yet on the LX calendar
24-26 Oct LX Octoberfest Probable London (unconfirmed) M60, M65, M70 Likely to be a regular event Pre-Reg at


16 Nov – 6 Dec Argentina Declined Argentina Men LX going