FAQ: How do I join Thistles?

Please see the page for this by clicking here.

FAQ: What is the distinction between Thistles and Scottish Masters Hockey?

By being a member of Thistles you are able to play in numerous Spirit of Masters, Tournaments and "Friendlies" all over the world and you represent Scottish Thistles.  These events are not governed by World Masters Hockey and only members are able to play in these events as Scottish Thistles; the £20 per annum membership fee is a small price for the joys of this type of hockey.

To play for the full international squad you must separately register with Scottish Masters Hockey under the control of Scottish Hockey.  By this you represent Scotland in World Masters Hockey approved events.  To play for the national team, you must fulfil the following.

  1. Be an affiliated member of Scottish Hockey.
  2. Meet the FIH or WMH regulations for the competition.
  3. Meet one of the requirements of a), b), c) or d) below:
  1. a)      Been born in Scotland.
  2. b)      Have one parent or grandparent who were born in Scotland.
  3. c)       Are married to or in a civil partnership with a Scot as defined in (a) or (b).
  4. d)      Have a 5 year continuous residency period in Scotland

FAQ:    How do I put my name forward to play in a match?

Click on the link either sent to you by email or here on the website (or copy it into a web browser).  This takes you to doodle.com where we have a Doodle Poll for the event.  Fill in your name, tick the relevant boxes and add a comment if you want.  This is the easiest to manage however you are welcome to contact your Age Group Coordinator either directly or via the STMHC secretary.  When we close the poll we take the list of names and, based on the Selection Policy, the Age Group Coordinator (with others) allocates names to form the event squad.  We inform everyone by email.

FAQ:    How do I attend training?

Turn up!  Actually it helps immensely to know in advance who is attending and to be informed when no longer attending.  Usually there is a Doodle Poll (see FAQ on How do I put my name forward to play in a match) to help create a list of attendees.  We ask everyone to be changed and ready at the training ground 10-15 minutes before the start.  Use this time for personal warm-up, stretching and socialising.  Bring the training fee (usually £10) and give that to the person registering you at the start.  At the start there will be a group warm-up and some stick-and-ball work, then skill practice, mini-games, tactical plays and half or full pitch game before a debrief and warm down.  Bring your own hockey playing equipment plus a white and a blue shirt for the team games.  Bring water and your own decision on snacks and lunch if scheduled into the training.

FAQ:    I've been selected for a match/event; what now?

You should receive an Event email from the Event Coordinator.  This will ask you to:

a)    Pay the advised non-refundable deposit into the STMHC bank account.  Note: The Treasurer will pay the entry fees on your behalf and you will be responsible for your share whether you attend or not.

Account name                  SMLXHC Account 1

Account number              10000980

Sort code                             83 - 00 - 50

b)    Ensure you are registered for the playing year with Scottish Hockey.  This is normally included via your playing club in Scotland.  If not then you should register either direct with Scottish Hockey or by asking our Treasurer nicely to handle it on your behalf.

c)    If the match/event is in England: ensure you are registered with England Hockey for Covid track and trace.  Registration is performed once per playing year.  Details are normally included in the Event email however to register in advance or to check please contact your Age Group Coordinator (or STMHC secretary) and our E.H. registration meister will be in touch.

d)    Ensure we have your up to date medical details.  The form is currently in draft format and the latest version will have been included in your Event email.  If not then contact your Age Group Coordinator (or via the STMHC secretary) and the someone will be in touch.

e)    Book into the advised hotel.  The advised hotel is not compulsory but is good for team coordination, travel to and from the pitches and for socialising.  Should you wish to arrange your own accommodation then keep the Event Coordinator advised.

f)    Book your own travel to and from the Event location.  Often the Event Coordinator will advise what others are doing so that you can coincide with them.

g)    Keep fit, keep well, turn up and enjoy.

FAQ:    How do we stay informed during the match/event?

The Event Coordinator will advise on this - most commonly by a WhatsApp group.  STMHC is looking into an App to use for Events.  If you cannot use the chosen method please ensure the Event Coordinator is aware and perhaps buddy with someone who is using the chosen method.

FAQ:    How do I get playing kit?

Standard playing kit is "Blue - Blue - Blue".  Change colour playing kit is "White - White - Red" though this is often mixed with the blue kit.

SHIRT:  Our own navy blue Thistles branded shirt with your number added (see FAQs below).  Change: same shirt in white.

SHORTS: Scottish Hockey branded navy blue shorts.  Change: Canterbury brand white shorts.

SOCKS:  Canterbury Team Playing brand navy blue plain socks.   Change:  Canterbury Team Playing brand red (though now with black feet) plain socks.

Shirts are sourced via Thistles (see FAQ below).  Shorts and socks are sourced from PSL Team Sports in Glasgow (pslteamsports.com).  On the PSL site Scottish Hockey branded kit is under "Sports Organisations"; Canterbury brand is under "Hockey".

Honesty moment:  We are firm about wanting our Blue - Blue - Blue kit to be correct however most players in Scotland have their own red socks for away matches.  Provided the change kit is plain then we are not insisting on buying branded versions.

Honesty moment:  Our shirts are Thistles' designed and sourced.  For all the other bits we use the Scottish Hockey sponsored playing kit who are having discussions to change the brand however until any changes occur the above is our playing kit.

FAQ: Thistles Shirts and Numbers

First ask the STMHC secretary to arrange to be allocated a playing number that you will keep for your Thistles playing journey; ensure you include this number in the details when ordering.

Shirts are not kept in stock and the STMHC secretary emails about six times a year that we are ordering a new batch of Thistles shirts.  Alan Parker and his lovely wife Jackie handle the batch order and there is a six week lead time.

Honesty moment: I am a forty chest with a little bit of a dad-bod waist.  There is no stretch in the shirt material and my size 42 fits fine yet is loose enough to play in.

Honesty moment:  Until the order arrives you may need to borrow a shirt; please ask your Event Coordinator to assist.

FAQ: Tracksuits and Other Non-playing Kit

Thistles branded tracksuits, rain jackets, hockey bags etc are offered for purchase from time to time (often juat before a major tournament).  The STMHC secretary will email when these are available to order.

Scottish Hockey branded kit is available from PSL Team Sports (pslteamsports.com).

FAQ: Match Reports - Where do I find the match reports from events?

Match reports are stored on the Archive page (see menu at the top of all pages).  For a short period reports are also easily accessed via News and also via Diary using the back arrow to access previous events.

FAQ: Match Report Photos - I have photos I would like to add to the event

We like photos whether of the team, players in action or socialising.  Send them in any normal format to either your Event Coordinator or your Age Group Coordinator who will forward them to the relevant person for inclusion.  We can include a caption or comment where relevant.

FAQ: Match Report - How do I submit one?

We can accept reports whether in a more official style or a more personal style in many ways.  Send the words and the images to the Event Coordinator or to your Age Group Coordinator and he will forward them to the relevant person.  However please follow the following advice:

- Plain text.  Use any common word or text software or email for the words; but no fancy layouts as our web publishing software cannot accept them.

- Separate photos.  Send photos as individual files e.g. jpeg as the web publishing software handles them as individual files separate from the text.

- No embedded photos or images.  You spent ages making a beautiful Word publishable document and we have to spend ages stripping it back to plain text and separate photos.

FAQ: Old Website - I want to search the old website for events and news prior to 2021

The old website (www.scotlandlx.org.uk) will continue to exist for a few more months during 2021.  Eventually though it will become a sub-section of this new website and be fully accessible under the Archive page.

FAQ:  Email addresses - I can't contact anyone using NAME@the new web address

The migration of email addresses to the new "@scottishthistleshockey.org" is being handled carefully, partly to avoid some important email falling through the cracks, partly to let the new recipients get used to using the new email addresses.  For the rest of 2021 you are welcome to use the personal email addresses, the @scotlandlx.org.uk addresses or the somthingscottishthistleytype@gmail addresses that you have used in the meantime.  For 2022 we would like to standardise on the new web address.