Apply for Events System

For 2024 we are using a new Apply for Events system in place of the Pre-Registration poll.  For most events a list of those who have applied will be shown further down the Diary page.

To apply

  1. Click on the button APPLY FOR EVENT
  2. A pop up screen will ask for:  First Name, Last Name, Email, Comment (if required) and a very simple sum to prove you are really real.
  3. The pop up box will close saying your application is confirmed and it will send an email to the address given.

The email will come from Thistles ( which was set up for this purpose but is not monitored.  Should you need to reply then it goes to

To add a further name whilst on the Diary page: use your browser command to "reload" the page and the Apply button will reappear.  (For some: your browser settings may require you to "Hard Reload" which is shift+Reload.)

To withdraw

  1. Click on the words: WANT TO CANCEL YOUR APPLICATION?
  2. Fill in the same email address you registered with.
  4. In your email you receive in your inbox you will receive a message and a link to cancel your application
  5. The link will take you to our website, confirm the cancellation of your application and send an email to you.  (If you try to cancel again it will say that your entry could not be found which means you have successfully cancelled.)

Until the email cancellation link is clicked you will still be enrolled.  Where names are shown reload the screen to find your name removed.

Note: Applying for an event is not confirmation that you have gained a place in the squad.  Until the Event Coordinator confirms your place the application is held pending.