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Scottish Thistles Masters Hockey Club aims to provide quality playing opportunities within Scotland, across the U.K. and on the international arena for Spirit of Masters events for both men and women from age of 35 up to, well, any age.

World Masters Hockey groups masters teams into five year intervals, so 35 to 40, 40 to 45 and on upwards.  At the moment Thistles has regular events for men's groups above the age of 60 and ladies of over 60 and younger; other age groups for men and ladies are being developed and a mens o55 Thistles is being entered into competitions this year.

Our aim is two fold:

  1.  Encourage and organise playing opportunities for all Masters age players in Scotland.  For many of us Saturday club matches include playing with and against precocious youngsters, boundless students and enthusiatic others of less than our age.  Thistles presents the opportunity to play with and against equals in and around our ages and give more of a measure of just how capable each of us continues to be.
  2. Play across the globe against other countries' Spirit of Masters teams at the various age groupings.  The Thistles' ethos is to give opportunities to all those wishing to play.  Those who can are also encouraged to go for International trial whilst still enjoying hockey in Thistles' events.

Overall we want to play well whilst having great fun so that all members continue playing on into eternity.

Contact the club through the secretary, John Lees: secretary@scottishthistleshockey.org


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