Report on Over 70’s bash in Edinburgh Dec 2021

Below are some of the images taken at the over 70’s evening meal at the Apex, Grass market Hotel.  The event was organised by Sandy Weir, one of the senior members of the Scottish 70’s   Below is a report from Sandy and some shots of the event.  Sorry for the quality, I forgot my 360 camera and these were taken on the phone.

Below is a full view of all.  Please click on the image to enlarge

Report from organiser Sandy Weir

Thank you all for attending last night when I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as Jean & I did. We’d also like to thank Peter & Dougie for presents of wine & flowers for both us and Norrie & Dorothy. Peter talked of the (big O) Organisation but of course there is no Organisation behind our get together, certainly not Scottish Masters Hockey (SMH) the selection body for Internationals, and even Scottish Thistles Masters HC (STMHC) leave it to us to (small o) organise but get the date to put in their calendar to ensure invitations are inclusive & the date exclusive.

Many of us are associated with both SMH & STMHC, especially at our age, but they’re both separate Organisations and this can be confusing some times – so I’m told anyway. Apart from and in addition to that we also include former players and not current members of anything! We’re all just pals with partners invited too –  the latter’s inclusion makes us pretty unique amongst age groups believe me. Nothing’s going to change.

Thanks to Alan Parker whom I asked to take photos of the whole gathering which will make a nice change from the usual snaps and I’m assuming Alan will get them on the club website soon for us all to enjoy.

Thanks again and be sure to enjoy the Festive Season and beyond.

Yours aye


A few more images

Kieran McLernan
David Margerison
Jean Weir
Sandy Weir
Dick Pearce
Eileen Pearce
Jim Chisholm
Sandra Chisholm

Alex Cathro
Pauline Cathro
Ian Pett
Steve Laux
Chris Kalman
Lynne Kalman
Andy Ferrol
Mhairi Ferrol

Norrie Springford
Dorothy Springford
Ernie di Rollo
Heather Walton
Joan Morrice
Doug Morrice
John Smith
Duncan Mitchell
Jackie Parker
Alan Parker

Doug Turner
Gill Turner
Peter Gordon
Lynne Gordon
Jenny Gallacher GF
Colin Gallacher
Alison Petty
Martin Petty