Report on Men’s 65 and 70s match in Wigton

30th January 2022

The two games took place in Wigton Cumbria on a sand based Astro on quite a cool and later, windy day.  First on were the 70's, led by Jim Chisholm and Ian Pett.  The opposition were England LX over 70's North.

The game started really well for Thistles and the passing and team play was high, but unfortunately, this broke down in the second  quarter with the ball hardly leaving the Thistles Half of the pitch.  We conceded a goal before half time, when the goal keeper was temporarily disabled on the floor.  One referee tried to alert the other of the position, but he was overruled by the umpire at the incident end.

The third quarter of the game was also difficult and looked from the side-lines a team losing confidence.  The fourth quarter started really badly, with loads of pressure and short corners against cropping up.  inevitably, a second goal occurred, but then the team started to get into attack again.  Passing up front and mid field improved and a couple of corners were won.  The quarter seemed very short and the result was 2-nil to England.

Over 65's

Report to follow