Membership Registration Form

Should your details change (especially emergency contact details) please email the secretary:

Enter the name as you wish to be known. We organise information based on two-part names; a more complete name can be added in the Comment at the end.
Please associate your membership with one section.
International dialing format is most helpful: +44 (for the UK), drop the "0", then the rest of the number with a space. Use home number if no mobile.
Required for all who wish to play. For others please use a dummy entry of 1st January of the current year.
PLAYING: must register with Scottish Hockey. ASSOCIATE: non-playing, non-voting. FRIEND: has asked to receive playing communication. (Note: Life Members may choose Playing or Associate)
Enter the name of the main hockey club you belong to. For those not playing please enter "NA".
To play for Thistles you need a registration with Scottish Hockey for the current season. Those playing for Scottish clubs will already be registered.
Enter "NA" if you do not have a shirt number or it is not applicable.
For all playing members we need a contact name and phone number on file (or more than one). For others please enter "NA".
We need formal permission to contact you about events and other matters. Note: we may use an email service (e.g MailChimp) and social media (e.g. WhatsApp).
Use this if there is any other information relevant to registering as a member of Thistles.