Events Schedule 2024

11 Sept 23 update

Below is a list of events for 2024 so that you can organise your diary to be available for those of interest.  I highlight specifically:

  • Dundee: Our own festival in August
  • Regular events: Lille, Tilburg, Swansea, Bra and Octoberfest
  • Specific to 2024:  The Hague (probably our major event of the year), Duisberg (for us a trial event), World Cups: Capetown (depending on interest) and Auckland (depending on availability).

The list is primarily aimed at the Mens o60s, o65s and o70s.

  • M55 have been added where known and are also welcome to enroll as under-agers for o60s and Open events.
  • M75 tend to self-organise and are welcome to enroll in o70s and Open events.

The Poll to register your interest will be added in due course.

Date TBC:  the date has still to be confirmed.

Event Possible / Likely / Confirmed: i.e. to be arranged / happens but no invite yet / invite already received

Open Events:  No age or ability qualification.

Selected Events: Usually age streamed and selection criteria applied.


Date Name Status Location Aimed at Comment
21 or 28 January (tbc) LX North Possible      Open Wigton,         Carlisle M65, M70 Trying to arrange.  Underage and overage permitted.
15-17 Mar (tbc) Lille


Likely           Open Lille,               France Team Blue   Team White One or two teams depending on numbers.  Mixed ages.
Mid April (tbc) LX 70 & 75 Possible Wakefield M70, M75 Early season warm up matches vs LX
Mid April (tbc) LX 60 & 65 Possible Wakefield M60, M65 Early season warm up matches vs LX
No Date Celtic Cup (National teams only) In Scotland Natl M60, M65, M70 Listed for completeness
26-28 April ISVTilburg Confirmed Selected Tilburg,          Holland M60+M65+M70, Ladies. Possible M55 Major Thistles event against quality teams.
No Date Jersey Not known Open Jersey o70s No info
17-19 May Home Nations (National  teams only) Ireland Natl M60, M65, M70 Listed for completeness
May Eburons Likely     Open Belgium Thistles may attend
15 – 16 June (tbc) LX North Likely     Open Lakes,                  Cockermouth Team Blue, Team White All ages but usually aimed  from about age 63 upwards.
24-30 June The Hague Confirmed Selected The Hague         Holland M60, M65, M70 SoM only.  WGMA organised.   Likely to be our big event of the summer.
19-21 July Four Nations Invitation Confirmed Selected Duisberg,      Germany Natl + SoM M65, M70 WMH rules.  Never previously attended
26 – 28 July (tbc) Dragons Festival Likely     Open Swansea Team Blue Team White Usually last weekend in July
9 – 11 Aug Thistles Festival Confirmed   Open Dundee M55, M60, M65, M70, Blue, Ladies Teams available for all Thistles
18-25 Aug  (tbc) Bra Confirmed Open Italy M60, M65, M70, Ladies A mixed age team if need be
12-21 Oct World Cup Confirmed  Selected Cape Town        South Africa Natl + SoM M65, M70 Attendance depends on early expression of interest
22-24 Oct (tbc) Octoberfest Festival Likely      Open In England M60, M65, M70 Date likely to change to avoid clash with WC
7-16 Nov World Cup Confirmed Selected Auckland           New Zealand Natl + SoM       All Ladies, Men o45-60 Attendance depends on early expression of interest

Please advise of any errors or omissions.