Men 70-75

The 70 to 75 and often incorporating many from the 75+ team is now quite a large pool of players, coming from all parts of the UK.  Duncan Mitchell, featured in the side bar is the Age Group coordinator and lives in the midlands of England.  Duncan has Scottish family, but helps bring in other UK based players through his contacts south.

Quite a lot of the team also play in the 70 + International team.  These players must however, qualify for having Scottish residency or heritage.

The policy of the club is non discriminatory of ethnic background, but it helps the team if any new players have a passion for all things Scottish.

International training information  23/01/ 2002

Scotland Over 70 Training, Selection and Celtic Cup

Greetings to you all from the 70s Management Group ( MG ). We are all looking forward to a less disjointed year and in preparation for this the MG have been meeting regularly via Zoom to draw up plans for 2022. This Newsletter will attempt to outline our plans for the year, beginning with training, selection and the Celtic Cup in February, March and April. Behind any actual playing/training programme there is a plethora of administrative protocols we must abide by - however I will spare you an in- depth explanation of these until early February!
Training - we have booked the following :-
Sunday 27 th February. Kinross 11:00 - 14:00.  This is open to all players eligible for 70s  Scottish selection . A practice session will be followed hopefully by a game against local opposition. Selection for the Celtic Cup will follow thereafter.
Sunday 27 th March. Kinross 11:00 - 14:00. This will be restricted to those selected for the Celtic Cup and will consist of a training/ game session.
Doodle Poll.  Please complete the Doodle poll at with your availability for the two training sessions and the Celtic Cup as quickly as possible so that we can organise each training session in advance.
MG - as you are aware this group consists of myself as Co-ordinator, Ian Pett as Coach and Dougie Turner as Player Representative. I am pleased to intimate that John Smith , although unable to play for us due to his youth, has agreed to be Team Manager for 2022 and has joined the MG.

Fixture v England - as previously intimated this February fixture has been cancelled primarily due to uncertainty over future COVID-19 regulations. Our guests were reluctant to commit to booking travel and accommodation when restrictions were and might remain in place.  This was unfortunate but understandable . A lot of work had gone into arranging pitches , hotel accommodation and a Tournament Dinner but it was not to be.

Tournaments - the 2022 calendar has already been circulated but as a reminder:-
15 - 17 April  Celtic Cup  Aberdeen
20 -22 May.  Four Nations. London
Late June/early July  Spirit of Masters  Barcelona. This is a Thistles Tournament but we hope to have a strong squad there. A Doodle Poll has already been published and the MG are in contact with the SoM hierarchy regarding possible selection principles.

Spirit of Masters ( Thistles ). A series of Tournaments organised by our Thistles brothers are well advertised and some are specifically aimed at 70+ players. It is hoped that these events will be well supported as excellent mediums for regular social but competitive hockey. Their website gives full details of what is available.

If you have any queries on the above points please contact me at cpgordon1950@gmail.comPlease do not reply directly to this email as it is being sent from the ScotlandLX account, which will no longer be monitored going forward. As noted earlier I will be publishing a fuller Newsletter early February whose details are guaranteed to help you sleep .

Best wishes,