Competitive Selected Events 2023 M60 M65

If you played or had contact about playing in an M60 or M65 selected competitive event in 2022 (Celtic Cup, Tilburg, Home Nations, Barcelona etc) or you are interested in these events in 2023 could you please complete the poll below about availability and intentions for 2023.  As ever: please do not hesitate to put yourselves forward to play full Scotland international.  However also put your name down for Thistles and should International be foolish enough to spurn your abilities then come with us for competitive hockey and great team ethos.

The main selected Thistles events for M60 and M65 in 2023 (and there may be others) are:
a)  Wakefield Sunday 16 April.  M60 and M65 warm up vs LX.
b)  Tilburg Fri 28 – Sun 30 April.  M60 and M65 vs teams from across Europe.
c)  Swansea Fri 19 – Sun 21 May.  M60 Home Nations, full international and SoM (Thistles).
d)  Valencia, European Cup
—->  23 Jun to 1 July – M65, M70, M75 full international and SoM (Thistles)
—->  16 to-23 July – M60 full international and SoM (Thistles).  Also Ladies and men’s youngsters.
Thereafter we have the opportunity to use competitive sides in Dundee (11-13 Aug), Bra, Italy (20-27 Aug) and Octoberfest (24-26 Oct, location probably Southgate, London)

This poll is to help us plan and is in addition to any pre-registration you have already done on the website Diary.