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Scottish Thistles Masters O70 & O75 Timperley

October 26, 2022 - November 27, 2022

England LX O80 & Regional O75

Immediately let me emphasise this message, most emphatically to emphasise the point again, includes O70s which I maybe did not make clear earlier. The opposition are good, enjoying a choice of many more players than we have at all age groups and this goes quite some way to eradicating perceived age benefits you think you might have!! Don’t be fooled and do consider joining the party – both playing and social – which needs reinforcing.
While the event is on I’d like to finalise arrangements with our hosts but would like another few names from O70s especially as the O75s are exhausted!!. Those attending & playing so far number 13 (of which 2 will manage 1 game only) are:-
Weir 2 (with partner), Petty 2, Springford 2?, Ferrol 2, Margerison 2, Kalman 2, Morrice 2 (1 game), Walker L (local), Terleski L, Lorimer L, Mitchell L?, Evitt (26th only) Non-playing Manager (holding the jackets) Mervyn Hill, (new O75 waiting to recover from surgery)
Now hopefully that squad will not put you off but, speaking personally, make you realise it could do with all the help it can get. So don’t be proud and think you’re too young. The O75s need to kept going to have a reasonable sized squad of players for the O70s to graduate into in future after all.
Look forward to hearing from you asap and thanks to those who’ve been in touch already. I’ll contact the squad next week with more details.


October 26, 2022
November 27, 2022
Scottish Thistles Masters Hockey Club