Medical Travel Insurance

Please note the Thistles insurance procedure POLICY STATEMENT 5:  For Events outside of the UK you must have medical insurance cover that explicitly acknowledges that you are playing organised competitive amateur field hockey.

There are compelling reasons why we have adopted this.  In brief: you have no automatic right to access emergency medical services in another country.  Secondly you have no automatic right to repatriation under medical supervision.  Furthermore, off the shelf medical travel insurance does not normally cover playing "organised competitive amateur field hockey".

The STMHC procedure on Medical and Insurance can be accessed here (PDF format)

The medical form has a section for details of this insurance and a box to tick that you have confirmed with the insurance provider that you are covered for organised competitive amateur field hockey.

The STMHC Medical Form can be downloaded here (PDF format)

Write the Insurance Details on the Medical Form Envelope

On the outside of the envelope with the Medical Form write the INSURANCE COMPANY NAME, the POLICY NUMBER and the PHONE NUMBER so that the event coordinator is able to contact the insurers in case of emergency.



The choice of insurance is up to you and we cannot and do not recommend any company or policy.

For information only certain members have asked us to say that they have taken insurance from the following companies however we do not know if they provide cover for “organised competitive amateur field hockey” whilst outside of the UK. (was Bluefin and Jeff)

A discussion page explaining the complexities of Medical Travel Insurance can be accessed here (to be added).