Over 70 Newsletter

Peter Gordon, Scottish Masters Hockey Over 70 Co-ordinator, has produced a May 2021 Newsletter (below) aimed mainly at players aiming for selection for the forthcoming Celtic Cup in Belfast on 27-29 August, though the planned training sessions ahead of selection on 18 July will be open to all. A management group of Peter Gordon, Ian Pett and Doug Turner has been working on the way forward for Over 70s and Peter was pleased to confirm the appointment of Ian Pett as Player/Coach of the Scotland Over 70 squad.

Scottish Masters Hockey 70s Newsletter


As the days get longer and the prospect of competitive International hockey becomes more of a reality it is an appropriate time to keep you up to date on developments with regard to 70+ hockey. There have been many changes in the governance of Masters hockey over the past year, but I am sure that you have been keeping up with these developments. Suffice it to say that, as far as International hockey is concerned, much of what has happened in the past at LX will continue to happen. The International Selection Committee (ISC), of which I am the 70s Coordinator, has transferred over to the aegis of Scottish Masters Hockey (SMH) and will continue to organise 60+ hockey at International level. This Committee meets over the ether every month and has been actively involved in planning for the resumption of hostilities in the near? future.

70s Developments

Each age section (60s, 65s and 70s) has been encouraged to set up a Management Group and at our level this consists of myself (Peter Gordon), Ian Pett and Dougie Turner. We have been Zooming on a regular basis planning for future events and the results of our deliberations are noted below.


I am pleased to announce that Ian Pett has been appointed 70s Player/ Coach. Ian has the appropriate qualifications and is very keen to develop the skills which will make the 70s a prominent force at International level in the immediate future.

Celtic Cup 2021

As many will be aware we have accepted an invitation to play at this rearranged Tournament in Belfast on the weekend of the 27 – 29 August . We also received an invitation to a Tournament in Nottingham two weeks before this date but turned this down, alongside our Welsh cousins, as it was too near the Celtic Cup dates and any injuries suffered, after such a long hiatus in playing,might seriously undermine our prospects in Belfast.


As we are not blessed with a huge pool of players we have agreed with our Scottish Thistles brothers to join up with their 65 + players to hold joint training sessions on 27th June and 18th July from 11am – 2pm in Scotland at a venue/s to be confirmed. This agreement will allow us to undertake separate skills sessions with the additional prospect of some game time. It will also help to defray costs. In addition we are investigating the prospect of a a midweek training and game overnight excursion to the north of England late July/early August for those selected for the 70s Celtic Cup. More details to follow.

Selection Criteria

This will follow the principles previously outlined by the ISC. It is expected that all players who wish to be considered for selection attend at least one of these sessions (exceptional circumstances will of course be considered). Selection for Belfast will take place immediately after the session on 18th July.

Development Status

We have made a successful request through the ISC/SMH to be regarded as a special case in terms of under – age eligibility. This allows us to request the organisers of an International Tournament that we be allowed to have in our playing squad 2 (maybe 3) players under the appropriate age criteria. In real terms this might allow us to include players 1 or maybe 2 years younger than 70 in the year of a Tournament. We would, I imagine, request this of e.g. the Irish in respect of the Celtic Cup in 2021.

This scenario has interesting implications for those players born in 1952/3 in terms of those who might choose to make themselves available for the 70s immediately or even those who e.g. try for the 65s and are not selected. This issue will be raised at the next ISC meeting for further clarification.

World Cup

World Masters have confirmed that this twice postponed event will take place in Tokyo in October 2022. Whilst there has been no need for an immediate response on age group availability the ISC will be discussing the possibilities at their regular meetings .


It goes without saying that each player should, particularly after such a long lay-off, be fully aware of the physical demands required /expected of International players and take appropriate steps to prepare themselves for such. Ian will be in touch to encourage this agenda with appropriate advice and support.


We are always on the lookout for ” new” players with the ability to represent Scotland. Whilst we have a good knowledge of the “Scottish Scene”, there may be individuals of suitable ability especially down south. Please keep your eyes and ears open !!

I think this covers the issues of immediate note – but of course if you have any questions/comments/suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me so that they can be raised at our next Management Group meeting in mid May.

In conclusion it is great to have the prospect of play in the not too distant future – but please be aware that this is dependent on receiving the permission of SMH and following any pre-conditions they may set down.

Best wishes and hopefully see you soon,