Ladies Events Summary


At present there is considerable overlap between Thistles ladies and International Team ladies.  Presented below is a summary of known events. These will either be:
International Team.  Full World Masters Hockey regulations, run by the Womens International Committee (WIC) of Scottish Masters Hockey

Thistles Selected.  WIC event run in cooperation with Thistles within the Spirit of Masters concept.
Thistles Open.  Thistles run event within the Spirit of Masters concept.
For 2023 as numbers and opportunities develop Thistles and WIC are working in close cooperation for the best of all lady players.

A summary of the ladies’ masters events are listed below.

INTERNATIONAL TEAM – training event vs North East and North West England – Apr 2023
Dates and venues to be confirmed. MAYBE selected, or at least whittled down a bit by April.
O50s – O55s – O60s – O65s – England (North)

THISTLES SELECTED – Tilburg ISVT event – 28-30 April 2023

INTERNATIONAL TEAM – Home Nations – 2-4 Jun 2023 – Selected
O35s – O40s – O45s – Swansea
O50s – O55s – O60s – O65s – Glasgow

INTERNATIONAL TEAM – European Cup (and SOM) – Selected
O35s – O40s – O45s – O50s – Nottingham – 30/Jun to 9/Jul 2023
O55s – O60s – O65s – Valencia, Spain – 16-23/Jul 2023.
Please note that there is no international W O70s currently

THISTLES OPEN – Dundee – 11-13 August 2023
As many players and age groups as available.

THISTLES OPEN/SELECTED – Bra, Italy – 20-27 August 2023

Possible other events:
Octoberfest, possibly Southgate London – 20-22 October 2023.  England LX’s own festival for teams from over 60s upwards.