People and Structure

History of the club

Click here for the full history of the club from its early beginnings in 2002

Club Management

The Club is managed by an Executive Committee, supported by a number of groups or sub-committees, some permanent and others set up for specific purposes

Click here for a message from Mike McInally about Scottish Thistles new remit

Club Officers

President - Mike McInally; Vice-President - Alan Parker;   Secretary - John Lees;   Treasurer - Jim Chisholm

Ordinary Committee Members

Membership Secretary - Stuart Stephen;   Men's Section - Chris Heeps;   Ladies Section - Charlotte Barrett.  Further committee members are co-opted as required.

Ladies sub-committee

At present this is represented by Charlotte Barrett.

Sixties Plus sub-committee

Sixties Plus, currently chaired by Ian McCreath, is a sub-committee to oversee events for men's groups from over 60s upwards.


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