Report Tilburg May 2022

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This tournament is held annually and is hosted by Tilburg Hockey club, on behalf of the WMGA and was won previously by the over 68 team the last time it was held pre-Corvid.

This time, Thistles sent four teams, including a ladies team for the first time.  Although this meant that we had three less strong teams, it is a tribute to the success of Thistles that we could field three age group teams.

Our over 70's was the first time we have entered at that age group and, to make enough games for us to play, we had to play a couple of 65 aged teams.  Considering all of this, I consider that we really held our own, only going down by a single goal in the matches we lost.

The Team

Captain: Ian Pett
Goal keeper:  Glyn Thomas Over 80's Wales keeper on loan at great expense
Graham Conkie,  Peter Hain,  Andrew Evitt,  John Sudale,  Glyn Thomas,  Tony Walker,  Ian Pett ,Sandy Weir,  Gerry McBride, Stuart Robertson, Steve Laux ,George Finlayson, Duncan Mitchel, Alan Parker

Over 70's team.  Click to enlarge

Over 70's Results


Game 1 against England 70's LX Red.  A good game, but we went down 1-0   (one penalty corner each)

Game 2 against Germany 65's  Again a good game, but against a younger squad.  Again went down 1-0

Game 3 against Holland 'B' over 65's   A very close game with a void goal, as the umpire blew the whistle as Steve Laux hit it.  As a result, we went down 3-2  Scorer for both goals, Steve Loux


Game 1 Game against Holland 70's A  Lost 1-0

Game 2  Old Lions Over 70 Belgium.  Won 1-0 scorer Alan Parker

Game 3  Germany Men 70  Drew 0-0


Game 1 against Italy.  We drew 1-1 goal by Steve Lowe

Game 2 against Belgium Drew 0-0

Evening meal and dance. Click to enlarge

Evening meal and dance. Click to enlarge

Team resting with a beer

Glynn Thomas, our welsh late signing, at great expense

Glyn, our expansive Welsh late signing,.

The rave, senior style

The rave, senior style