After the Event


We like photos whether of the team, players in action or socialising.  Send them in any normal format to either your Event Coordinator who will forward them to the relevant person or the Secretary.  Advise if you want us to include a specific caption or comment.  Photos may also be scraped from the WhatsApp groups.


We like match reports so can each squad please submit one.  It can be fully factual, slightly storified or entirely personal so long as it is legal, honest and decent.  Please include a list of players in the squad, scores and opposition.   Send the words and the separate images to the Event Coordinator and he will forward them to the relevant person.  However please heed the following advice:

  1. No fancy layouts - our web publishing software cannot accept them.
  2. Do not embed photos.  Instead send photos as separate individual files e.g. jpeg.  The web publishing software handles photos separately from text.
  3. That said if you do want to spend ages making a beautiful publishable document then we can only include it as a PDF or an image.
  4. We reserve the right to edit.


A few weeks after the Event the Coordinator will forward a report from the Treasurer showing individual allocations of costs and any residual balance; if owed Thistles please settle this immediately.  Queries to the Treasurer.


Go to the Diary to sign up for your next Event and plan your social calendar for the same Event next year.