Hotel and Travel

On receiving your confirmation as soon as possible you should book hotel and travel.


The Coordinator will give details of an advised hotel(s) for you to book yourself into.  The advised hotel is not compulsory but is good for team coordination, travel to and from the pitches and for socialising.  Should you wish to arrange your own accommodation then keep the Event Coordinator informed.

Shared Rooms.  We don't have a great system for this yet.  If you are looking to share then: inform the coordinator who will help, use the email addresses for other squad members (not always provided) and use the Thistles WhatsApp groups to ask.  Once you have a share please advise the Coordinator so they know you are no longer looking.


Flying.  Please send details including arrival times to the Coordinator.  This allows coordination to offer shared taxis from and to the airport.

Driving.  Again advise the Coordinator.  If you can offer to take travel companions use the same methods as Shared Rooms.


OUTBOUND.  The overseas events usually start earlier than same-day travel permits.  For major events we try to arrange a training session on the day before again probably earlier than same-day travel permits.  Please allow for this in your bookings.

INBOUND.  Overseas events, unless advised otherwise, finish mid/late afternoon and travel in the evening, often last flight of the day, is usually feasible.

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