During the Event


A Captain for each team is either appointed, or is a volunteer or agreed by rough consensus.  The Captain handles team selection often using senior players and the Coordinator for advice and can delegate responsibilities such as ball wrangler, travel wrangler, beer wallah, here kitty kitty.  The Captain is expected to play fair on individual player's pitch time and who starts, however fair depends on the circumstances and on how the individual is playing.  We want everyone to enjoy the Event but we also want to win.


A WhatsApp group is set up for the Event either by squad or for everyone.  Sometimes two are setup: one for info and one for memes, photos and chat.  These groups are usually deleted after a month.  If you do not subscribe to WhatsApp can you buddy with someone who does.  WhatsApp is used to communicate on:

  1. Meet time and location, pitch location and start time, kit colours, etc.
  2. Advice on taxis, lifts and public transport.  If you have a car and are willing to take people to and from the pitch please let the travel wrangler know.
  3. Lunch arrangements if relevant.
  4. Proposals for socialisation in the evenings.


Most people share their evenings together whether at a bar, restaurant or other entertainment.  WhatsApp is very helpful for coordinating this.  It is not up to the Coordinator or Captain to come up with something so feel free to suggest.  You are welcome to partake in any such offering, or to do your own thing, or to join in with another squad, or even with a competitor (e.g. LX).

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