Register for Event

Like the sound of a Thistles Event?  Go to the Event page in the Diary, or via the News Page or click on the link sent to you in the email.

In the Diary Event page click on the "Apply for Event" button to pre-register, fill in the details and you should received an automated email acknowledgement.  Pre-registering your name does not commit you to attend but allows us to plan based on event popularity; so pre-registering is a great help.  You are also welcome to email the Secretary to register your interest.

Once an Event Coordinator is appointed you will be contacted by email with further details.  Note: until you accept the invitation from the Event Coordinator there is no financial commitment to the event but once you join the squad you are on the hook for the event playing costs (see procedures for more details).

What if I'm trying out for Scotland?  Sign up for the Thistles event regardless.  We are always proud when a Thistle become a Scotland player.  You are elevated with our best wishes and no financial penalty.

Why sign up?  It allows us to judge popularity for the event and should your elevation to the "big team" not happen then you have a great Thistles event to look forward to.