Things to Take

SQUAD NEEDS:  For overseas events (and UK) the squad needs certain items and to share the physical weight please bring a practice ball and an ice pack.  A ball wrangler may be appointed and you should retrieve your ball at the final match.  The ice pack you should keep until someone needs it.


Note: For some events shinpads are compulsory, also face masks are not usually provided.  Standard playing kit is dark "Blue - Blue - Blue".  Change colour playing kit is "White - White - Red" though this is often mixed with the blue kit.

--- SHIRT/VEST:  Our own logo dark blue Thistles branded shirt/vest with your number.  Change: same in white.  GK: Official Thistles branded shirts.

--- SHORTS/SKORT: Our own logo dark blue Canterbury shorts/skort.  Change: Canterbury brand white shorts/skort.

--- SOCKS:  At present we use dark blue plain Canterbury Team Playing socks.   Change:  red Canterbury Team Playing socks.

Honesty moments:

Shirts:  We only want members to play in the new "Scottish Thistles Masters HC" logo shirts.  All previous shirts have been retired.  GK Shirts for festivals can be what you like; for WMH events they must be the official Thistles GK shirts.

Shorts:  Whilst Thistles branded shorts are now available, for a couple of seasons we shall be okay with members using the former Scottish Hockey branded dark blue Canterbury shorts.  White shorts are a pain; WMH ask us to take them then never ask us to play in the them, so for the moment any plain white shorts will be fine.

Socks:  Canterbury are our chosen socks but any plain (makers logo only) dark blue will do.  For red socks most Scottish based players have red socks for their Saturday club and provided they are plain (makers logo only) these will do fine.

NOTE:  You are not allowed to play in the Scottish Hockey New Balance kit - wrong colour, wrong club.

WMH PLAYING KIT: For festivals a great deal of freedom of kit is tolerated.  For WMH events (World and Euro Cups) the kit has to comply with FIH regulations and we have to send photos.  This means if you turn up in light blue shorts or wacky dark blue socks (e.g. emblazoned with thistles or Scotland) you may not be allowed onto the pitch to play.  Also your stick will be measured to fit FIH regulations.  (Anecdote: two identical new Adidas sticks bought before Valencia failed their tests (!!!) and required buying another stick on site.)

WMH Event Goal Keeper Kit:  These have to comply with FIH regulations and helmets have been found to be the stickiest problem.  You must have two Thistles shirts and photos have to be submitted.  They will nominate which colour to wear.  The shirts must have your number on the back and a smaller version on the front.  Currently we do not have this front number however it has not proven to be a problem (yet!).

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